About Us
ABOUT US One of the most important things for a foreign teacher overseas. Is to fine a great school to teach at. “Happy teacher happy students” Once this has been achieved you can start to enjoy the culture of the host country. The International Federation Of Overseas Teachers will assist you with that through its social media platform. Members and staff of Ifoot.info can do this in a wide variety of different ways. Finding Employment Finding the write employer can be a challenge. Especially when you are not familiar with the host country. Here at Ifoot.info we can take some of that stress away. As well as being a social platform Ifoot.info also finds the best employer for you. All employers are vetted by us and must meet a curtain criterion to be eligible for a position in our organization. What does that mean. It means we sit down with your future employer, and make sure they meet an internationally recognized standard of employment. We make sure your employment rights are safeguarded and that you as an employee are not taken advantage of. Your Input As a teacher, you are out there experiencing the pross and cons of teaching overseas. Here at Ifoot.info we value your experience and knowledge. You, the teacher can form your own groups, forums, file sharing, and more. As well as exchanging information that may juts help someone have a better experience teaching in their chosen host country. Here at Ifoot.info we are always willing to listen to your ideas on how we can improve our services. We are a nonprofit organization, that can only strive if we have your input and trust. General features As you will have noticed by now. We have all the features of a social media website, without all the whistles and bells. We have deliberately kept the site free of clutter and distracting functions. This way we believe you will be able to find the information you require in a timely fashion. Don’t hesitate, contribute to your fellow collogues and share the wealth of knowledge you have gained over the years, teaching overseas. How we started The International Federation Of Overseas Teachers is the brainchild of an overseas teacher. This teacher, who does not want to be named. Struggled for years teaching overseas. Finding schools could not be held accountable for their actions or inaction. So, he decided to create Ifoot.info. By becoming one force one group of teachers we have more power and say. Our united front not only benefits the individual teacher, it benefits us as a group. Furthermore and more importantly it benefits the students. Because as we know an happy teacher equals happy students. So don’t miss this opportunity to share your experiences and the wealth of knowledge you have accumulated over the years.